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Over Here At Rivertrees Residences Innovation Is At Its Finest

One of the most beautiful things you about Rivertrees is the location. Everything you see around you is beautiful from the waters in the reservoir to the trees that cradle your home. You will find 8 Cove Houses to choose from and there is nothing better than being able to relax and unwind in front of such a luxurious waterfront living. The frontal view is just stunning and being able to stay away from all of the chaos of city life getting a sense of peace and calm for a change is truly refreshing. You can choose from 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments for living with your family. The project is set to be completed in 2018 and the apartments are running out fast!
Fine facilities for fine citizens
Fitness corner: Being a citizen of Rivertrees Residences does not mean you will be slacking off. Just hit the gym and work out to get the body you always needed. Rivertrees is set to be equipped with state of the art equipment that can rival those in world class gyms.
Function Room: Have an event that you want to organize? Simply head to the function room and set up the event! You will have access to all the facilities you need to set up hospitable functions without leaving the beauty of Rivertrees Residences.
Jogging Track: There is nothing better than getting up and jogging around track that overlooks Rivertrees’ beautiful reservoir with sparkling water. Pool Deck: The pool deck that is situated on top of the building will allow you to experience the Singapore skyline beautifully.
Playground: Let your kids go around and have fun in the playground which has everything your child needs to keep himself entertained! Spa Pool: Had a tiring day, no problem. Head to the spa pool to unwind and kiss stress goodbye. Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts: If you want to indulge in some sport with your fellow residents and family member then Rivertrees is set to include pools and tennis courts for your leisure. Get your show flat appointment today!
If you are interested in getting a flat at Rivertrees Apartments then you can get a demo based on an appointment basis from and see what’s on offer. You do not need to wait until the launch event to know what’s in store for you and the appointment session will allow you to resolve any queries that you might have regarding the development of the project or any other deciding factor that you may be considering.

Royal Square is highly sought after by potential tenants

The Royal Square is surrounded by all kinds of social amenities. Social amenities attract people from all parts of a region as they offer essential goods or services that people need in their day-to-day lives. This therefore means that your business will be seen by many people and some of these people may end up buying from it or using some of your services. The closeness of this property to the several social amenities surrounding it therefore makes it a good place for setting up a business. Some of the social amenities that are located close to this condominium are: Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Novena Medical Centre, Catholic Junior College, St. Joseph Institution, Chatsworth International School, Balestiar Hill Primary, Anglo-Chinese Primary and Junior School and many others. Some of these amenities offer the best type of services or sell some of the top goods in this region. This therefore means that they attract a lot of people especially those who value quality.

It is the first building in Novena City that will have rental shops. This will make it a good place for those people who have been thinking of buying rental shops in this region but who have not been able to do so because of their unavailability. Also, it will make it possible for those people who cannot afford to buy shops in this region because of their high prices be able to have shops in this region as they can afford to rent them.
The designs that are being used on this building are modern and elegant. This means that its units will too be classy and elegant and will be good for all kinds of business. It also means that they will attract people into using this building’s shops or restaurants or medical facilities as most people like elegant things. We can visit Royal Square Website here at

Finding thomson impressions condo

Thomson Impressions is a newly launched condominium with around 280 units and thetotal area of the site is 1.06 hectare. It is situated along the Sin Ming Avenue in Singapore. You can now express your interest for the project so that you can book your condo at special rates available only during the preview booking period. There are several benefits of owning an apartment in Thomson Impressions. Some of the key reasons why you should opt for this project include lush green surroundings, easy accessibility and proximity to amenities and of course the value for money pricing. The project is located near several other upcoming projects and thus it will be in the center of a residential hub. The most important factor while choosing your residence is location. An ideal location should have easy access to public transport and should have essential facilities for education, entertainment, shopping and leisure in close proximity.

Just take a look at how conveniently Thomson Impressions is located. Take the case of transportation for instance – there are two bus stops just 100 meters away. The upcoming Sin Ming MRT line which is due in 2020 will be just 500 metres away thus offering you easy access to the rest of the country. All you shopping needs can be met from shopping malls and supermarkets that are conveniently nearby – Fairprice, Sheng Siong and Giant are all located a radius of 2 km. If you have school going children in your family then you will be happy to know that there are seven prestigious schools in close proximity to Thomson Impressions – Bishan Park , Peirce , Mayflower , CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’, Whitley Secondary School, Ang Mo Kio and Catholic High School. There are plenty of leisure activity spots around the condo as well including food courts, golf courses and nature parks such as the Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, and MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Thus it offers modern living conditions while still being very close to nature. The project also offers a lot of amenities within its premises. Some of the key amenities include a jogging trail, a club house, steam room, spa, BBQ Deck, Gym Room, 50 m lap pool, Kids Pool, children’s playground and a Fitness Corner. Thus, it is an ideal place for families – you can have a hassle free and serene living atmosphere if you own a residential unit in Thomson Impressions is definitely going to be a prestigious address to own and your family will be happy that you chose this project that takes care of the requirements of all members of the family – be it kid’s schooling, household shopping or professional networking in the golf course nearby. You can check out the location of the project from our sale gallery. To know more about the project and the price, contact us and we will be happy to explain more details about this amazing project. We are confident that you will find this an incredible project once you take a no obligations tour of the project location.

Why Buy Terrace EC ?

For the 3 bedroom the price ranges $700,000 to $900,000 for 1,001 square feet. For the 3 premium bedroom the price ranges from $900,000 to $1,000,000. For the 4 bedroom the prices range from $900,000 to $1,000,000. For the 4 premium the price ranges from $1,100,000 to about $1,200,000. And for the penthouse the prices range from $1,402,000 to about $1,430,000. These are all good prices and can vary from person to person.

The Terrace has 747 residential units and is heavily supported by the government. These facilities cater to every one of your family members. Singapore’s climate is located north of the equator and has a tropical climate and stays hot/humid throughout the whole year which is wonderful weather. The crime rate in Singapore is very low and only at the rate of 17.08. The crime rate in Punggol is even lower. There is no need to worry. Punggol is a safe and thriving environment for your most loved family members. There are over three nearby grocery stores, airports, and schools near the Terrace Executive Condominium. Eligibility: you are interested in applying for housing in the Terrace Unit there are a few things you need to quality for.
1)You must be at least 21 years or older when you take the application. If you are apart of the Joint Singles Scheme you must be at least 35 years or older.
2) You must be a citizen of Singapore or a Singapore permanent resident.
3)The typical gross monthly household income must not surpass $12,000.
4) Any kids you have must be under your legal custody, care, and control.

If you are a first-time applicant there is no need to get stressed out. All the need to do is list your name and your family members as well. You need to put your first and last name. As well, as a phone number that is in service and your email. You will fill out which housing unit you are interested in and if you are a first timer, or second timer buyer. Divorces? They are sad but they happen. Within the time frame of three years (from the date of the divorce) only one party can own one of the housing units available. Which party owns the housing unit? That can be determined by whose name is in the apartment and etc.. If there are any disputes referring to this situation this can easily be defused by the court of law. Therefore, the Terrace Executive Condominium is an excellent place for your family and friends can thrive. If the Terrace if for you than be sure to visit The Terrace has many nearby schools and facilities. Keep a good look out for the SAFRA Club that coming to Punggol in early 2016. So stay tuned!